The non-profit Young Scientific Research Organization

Converging and nurturing academic passion for young researchers.

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To become the leading non-profit organization that converges and fosters the enthusiasm for research students and helps to make constructive impacts on the community.


Converging and fostering the passion for students and helps to make constructive impacts on the community by connecting with academic advisors and experts, breakthrough training and support.



Dr. Le Thi Viet Ha

PhD of Business Administration, VNU

Former CEO

Pham Phuong Mai


Thanh thi Xuan Vi

Master Student at Renmin University of China (RUC)

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Conducting Research

We connect young research students and establish scientific research teams, which conduct qualitative and quantitative research. Our research data are collected and shared. Our research papers are guided by our advisors and mentors, who are university lecturers, doctor, and master candidates. The research results are demonstrated in seminars and published on international magazines.

Training Seminars

We offer monthly specialized training seminars in research methods for all members delivered by our academic advisors and guest speakers. Our training seminars will be open for non-members via monthly registration forms. The seminars cover research methodology, technical skills for researchers, publication process. Currently, all training and scientific activities are carried out online.

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Scopusian is an open organization to all Vietnamese university and high school students around the world. Members will have access to our Training program, obtain research experience and receive appropriate certifications to recognize their contribution

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